2015-09-22 Stuart Hall - thumbnail-1FELLOWSHIP OF THE CALLED

In the history of our High School Camps, there has been a challenge for young people to consider the call of God into full time ministry.  In practice, it can be a great deal of time between when a person received such a call and when they actually take steps to come under the DBMD (District Board of Ministerial Development).  Some are called, but get lost for a good many years.  Others stumble through without great certainty while a few move more effectively with the help of mentors.  As Pastors, you are clearly included in those mentors.  However, having peers, others who also are considering the call is also a tremendous encouragement for those who feel they might be called into ministry.

My proposal is one that has been based on work done by Nathan Bell, the South Queensland District Young Adults Director, who last year convened a group of about a dozen that met together 3 or 4 times in the year for an afternoon, to nurture that vision: sharing, a bible study on “the Called”, interviews with pastors sharing their call and challenges getting into ministry, some reflections on specific books read, such as The Call of a Lifetime by Keith Drury, You Were Made for More by Jim Cymbala, and some fun stuff together.  Nathan also included an overseas trip to the USA, where he also exposed the group to some pastors of effective churches, some with some unusual calls.

I would like to support you in the development of those who feel that they are called, and invite your input into such a group in the coming year.  We have a huge need for a source of pastors to lead the new churches that God is wanting to establish across our District.

God bless you as you faithfully serve the Lord in your various communities.


Written by Stuart Hall

Married 1988 to Lyndell Ordained Sept 1992 Four Children: Emily, Joshua, Bryanna and Jonathan Pastored Gympie WMC 1992-2000 Pastored Townsville WMC 2001 - District Superintendent North Queensland Oct 2011