A Year of Youth

A Year of Youth

Let me start by saying, WOW! God is Great! This past year I have been reminded time and time again that God is 100% in control, all the time.

As this district has youth spread far and wide, I had been trying to see how we can bridge that gap between the churches. As requested from a few youth leaders, I started planning a district youth service during the Easter holidays as part of a campaign for High School Camp and to allow some of the youth (and leaders) to get to know each other before camp. I had been in contact with Pastor Keith Rose to organise the Young Adults to join us, and help with travel, but due to a lack of response we were unsure of numbers and had to call it off.

I then turned my complete focus to HSC2014. With little experience in planning a camp, it was great to have Pastor Graham Smith to guide me with resources gained from years of planning the SEQ District High School Camps. Right from the start I knew God was in control. This year’s camp was held at Lion’s Camp Kanga in Proserpine. Thanks to the forward planning of previous leadership the venue and catering was already booked and I just had to get the program sorted.

This year our theme for camp (HUNGRY – John 6:35) was also done for us as we decided to line up our theme with the SEQ and pool our resources. This allowed us to have camp shirts and work with Pastor Scott Lucas (SEQ District Youth Director) discussing where they were heading with this theme and how we can work closer in the camps to come. By aligning the SEQ the NQ Districts I believe it will bring together not only our spread out North Queensland churches, but it can bring our districts closer together with all the youth being able to share their camp experiences.

HSC was a great success with 25 youth, 4 team leaders, activities director, camp chaplain, speaker, and myself all being brought closer to God through His amazing work. This camp saw 1 camper give their heart to God for the first time and that in itself is a great camp success. God continued to work through our youth with 6 campers recommitting their lives to God, 12 committed to serve in some way, 6 confronted by God with issues that they needed to sort out, and finishing camp with 11 committed to telling a friend about Christ when they return home. Please be praying for all the youth that attended camp and for where God is leading them.

As we look to this coming year we hope to have our youth become more involved not only in their local churches but with the district events and conferences. I have encouraged all the youth to attend the district conference and catch up with their new made friends and enjoy a little more relaxed Mini-HSC.

I have loved my first year of Youth Director and look forward to what God is going to do in and through our youth in their local communities. God continues to show me He is in control, from smaller everyday blessings all the way to freeing up our Activities Director to come to camp only 4 days before it started. To God be the Glory!

Written by Jonathan McClintock