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FELLOWSHIP OF THE CALLED In the history of our High School Camps, there has been a challenge for young people to consider the call of God into full time ministry.  In practice, it can be a great deal of time between when a person received such a call and when they actually take steps to come under the DBMD (District Board of Ministerial Development).  Some are called, but get lost for a good many years.  Others stumble through without great certainty while a few move more effectively with the help of mentors.  As Pastors, you are clearly included in those…


The DANIEL CHALLENGE I was impressed by the reading of Daniel about how significant was fasting as a part of his prayer life, and the window into the spiritual battle for nations that was raging in his day.  After 21 days on a vegies and water fast, the angel  Gabriel finally got through after getting help from another angel, Michael, who together overcame the Prince of Persia, clearly an opposing evil and strong principality.  It seems to me from Daniel 11:1 that Gabriel was sent to support King Darius, so that God's purposes for Israel would be accomplished, and he…

NBA Update – November 2015

(NBA met on 13th - 14th November 2015 in the SQ District Office at Mt. Petrie.) Wesleyan Life Subscription Available online or register for email version; Churches may order hard copy from National Office. District Officers Appointment Discussion suggested a move to “appointments via interview” process rather than nominations from the floor of conference.  This is expected to come to the next National Conference in the form of a memorial. National Youth Director Rachel Mayer has proposal a National Youth Camp.  She is advised to choose a date that will NOT detract from or compete with District Youth events, being too close to…

DS Update – November 2015

Dear Pastors, Back from 4 conferences, I am back into Local Church and family once again.  What did I gain from each? District Conference: Holiness is both Personal and Missional: changing us to be better representatives, present in the lives of those with the presence of Christ. National Conference: We need to have a voice, to speak into the life of our children, youth and community. Regional Conference: We have the power to make a difference through our presence as well as our resources Solomon Islands Conference: Our partnership with our missionaries and project workers is vital, to resource and…
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District Family Camp and Conference Report

The North Queensland District of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia held its 2015 District Conference and Family Camp at Camp Kanga near Proserpine from Monday 21st September to Thursday 24th. Our Conference was about connecting as a District for fellowship, worship, encouragement and vision. It focussed on our need to know and strengthen our connection with God, our roots and our culture. The evening camp meetings were led into worship with singing conducted by Jasmine McClintock, Jonathan and Dianne with a number of Guest drummers. Reverend Mike Yates took us through a 3 night series on the missional church…
District Conference 2014

District Conference 2014

MOVE … to the Command of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, restoring people into the image of God. “This was our best conference yet!” “The Worship was amazing!” “Wow, the Holy Spirit was so present throughout!” “All the messages and workshops seemed to be focused on the same thing, the Work of the Holy Spirit.” Rev Lex Akers (main speaker) challenged us, 1. “Are you compelled by the love of Christ? (Paul) and determined to obey Jesus no matter the cost? (Peter) 2. Are you dragging yourself through life, or are you energised by the Holy Spirit?…
2014 Family Camp Rego!

2014 Family Camp Rego!

Join us this year at Camp Kanga, Proserpine for this years family camp and conference. Please find more information in the flyer and download your registration form below.

Stand Firm

"Pastoral work consists of modest, daily assigned work.”  Peterson (Eugene) compares pastoral ministry to work on the farm with its routines of unglamorous chores, such as cleaning the barn, mucking out the stalls and pulling weeds.  Spiritual mentoring is farm work in which we meet routinely with our mentoree for periodic unglamorous conversations and prayer. Though moments of grad epiphany burst in or around us, the heart of mentoring another is the modest work of the routine.  The great hymn of the church says, “I ask no dream, no prophet ecstasy,  … O take the dimness of my soul away.” …
Testimony of Debra

Testimony of Debra

Before I came to God my life was empty and sad. I was going through depression. I had a disorder with panic attacks. I felt like I lived in a dark tunnel with no light and no way out. I saw no hope and I was having suicidal thoughts. I decided to pray.