2 Thessalonians 3:1  Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you,(NKJV)

That is this year’s theme. What does it mean? Viral transformation begins at a DNA level, replicating exponentially. But this is not just a message carrier, like Facebook, and in contrast to a virus,  transforms towards the image of Christ.  It’s “Revival”.  When we “go viral”, we let God penetrate and transform us at the core of our being, the DNA of our soul is changed, we share His Holiness and are satisfied with nothing less than to be filled with His Love.  This love compels us to take Jesus Christ and His Word, to the unsaved, to connect them to Jesus and His life-transforming work through a community, a network of small groups that support this life. When John Wesley shared God’s message of Holiness, multiplied through many preachers, it went viral in its propagation and thousands of people took the message and they shared it, transforming other others who shared it, transforming others, who shared it, transforming other, who shared it, transforming a nation. It is my prayer that in this way that our members will be viral in their faith.

What is the purpose of our District?

Our Purpose is to propagate healthy churches that impact their communities, characterised by members with love, truth and holy living, producing disciples with increasing fruit, grace and knowledge of God; who propagate the same.

Impacting communities – acting as light and salt, transforming individuals, who will transform community;

Characterised by members with …

  • Love – from a pure heart, good conscience and sincere faith, towards God and people;
  • Truth – built on strong biblical teaching, preaching and discipling;
  • Holy living –  sanctified, blameless, Holy Spirit anointed, obedient,  joyful;

Producing disciples with increasing …fruit of the Spirit; graceful living; knowledge of God;

Who propagate the same (as in a viral action).

How will we be developing healthy disciples?  We need to begin with healthy leaders and healthy processes based on Love, Truth and Holy Living.


This is cultivated through the Pastors and Spouses Retreat, special meetings and other communications throughout the year.  It means cultivating our relationships and at times repairing relationships by time together.  Pastors, thank you for your commitment to one-another to be united; this paves the way for us to experience God’s blessing.


Wesley counselled us to preach the whole counsel of God, both in the offering of God’s love in Christ and by giving warning of the dreadful consequences of rejecting the gospel.  We believe in a literal heaven and hell; grace without wrath is nonsense.  Do not be afraid to speak of them, so that your loving will have urgency.  Wesley also wrote, ” … till you press believers to expect full salvation from sin, you must not look for any revival.”  Let us keep proclaiming the whole counsel of God’s Word from prepared hearts and minds.


This is harder to measure, but the signs are clear when we see people seeking the Lord, confessing and forsaking sin, honouring one-another in our marriages, families, churches and communities, volunteering to serve no matter how humble or difficult the task, confessing Christ, no matter what our position.  Wesley did not consider his work based on the class meeting / small groups to have worked until its impact could be measured in real changes in the society.  Real holy living will impact our communities.  Let us pray and work to see such changes, by engaging with the communities in which we live.

This aligns with our National Church Priorities of 1. Heart Holiness, 2. Prayer with Fasting, 3. Community Engagement and 4. Evangelising the Lost.

Join with us in producing and propagating healthy churches across our North Queensland District through prayer and Co-Labourer’s Support

Blessings flow from obedience,
Pastor Stuart

Written by Jonathan McClintock

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