NBA Update – November 2015

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(NBA met on 13th – 14th November 2015 in the SQ District Office at Mt. Petrie.)

Wesleyan Life Subscription
Available online or register for email version; Churches may order hard copy from National Office.

District Officers Appointment
Discussion suggested a move to “appointments via interview” process rather than nominations from the floor of conference.  This is expected to come to the next National Conference in the form of a memorial.

National Youth Director Rachel Mayer has proposal a National Youth Camp.  She is advised to choose a date that will NOT detract from or compete with District Youth events, being too close to other events.

LEAVE National Superintendent Rev Rex Rigby to take Long Service Leave April – June, 2016
National Treasurer, Mrs Rose Richardson, to work ½ time Dec and Jan, Office Days Tue/Wed only

National Property investments (from sale of Kingsley College) overall are paying their way; however Tullamarine Offices lost 2 tenants; have two interested and 4 others unfilled. Changed agents in July.

Professional Development for Pastors: noted that District Conference and Pastors and Spouses Retreat are required attendance according to the handbook, and that these should be occasions for quality professional development.  In addition, Districts should encourage pastors to maintain professional development and develop strategies to assist pastors in their work. Noted that pastors under the DBMD are required to be studying at least one subject per semester.

Stuart Hall re-elected to the Property Trust Committee along with all previous members.

New Digital Handbook is being worked on.  Judicial section is being reworked to follow Matthew 18 more closely and to be less “accusative” in terminology.  Noted that the current section says that it follows Jesus’ instructions but skips the second step.

National Documents to be put on the National Website (password access required): Handbook, Pastor’s Manual, Local Church Guidelines, Pastoral Appointments reviews (still being developed)

NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DIRECTOR –Melissa George was appointed.  – Children AWANA Materials – under revision – recommended by Phil Hotchkin

PERSONALITY PROFILE OF PASTORS –  LIVSTYLE Personality Profile – from Orlando, Florida, USA.  Used and recommended by Rev Phil Hotchkin and Rev Rex Rigby. It provided outputs similar to both Myer’s Briggs and PDP at $15 per head – very affordable. Useful for Pastoral appointments and teams to better understand one-another. Recommend to be used for those coming under the DBMD.

Written by Stuart Hall

Married 1988 to Lyndell Ordained Sept 1992 Four Children: Emily, Joshua, Bryanna and Jonathan Pastored Gympie WMC 1992-2000 Pastored Townsville WMC 2001 - District Superintendent North Queensland Oct 2011