DS Update – November 2015

2015-09-22 Stuart Hall - thumbnail-1Dear Pastors,

Back from 4 conferences, I am back into Local Church and family once again.  What did I gain from each?

District Conference: Holiness is both Personal and Missional: changing us to be better representatives, present in the lives of those with the presence of Christ.

National Conference: We need to have a voice, to speak into the life of our children, youth and community.

Regional Conference: We have the power to make a difference through our presence as well as our resources

Solomon Islands Conference: Our partnership with our missionaries and project workers is vital, to resource and support them to equip nationals for the work of spreading the gospel in the Solomon Islands.





Written by Stuart Hall

Married 1988 to Lyndell Ordained Sept 1992 Four Children: Emily, Joshua, Bryanna and Jonathan Pastored Gympie WMC 1992-2000 Pastored Townsville WMC 2001 - District Superintendent North Queensland Oct 2011