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I was impressed by the reading of Daniel about how significant was fasting as a part of his prayer life, and the window into the spiritual battle for nations that was raging in his day.  After 21 days on a vegies and water fast, the angel  Gabriel finally got through after getting help from another angel, Michael, who together overcame the Prince of Persia, clearly an opposing evil and strong principality.  It seems to me from Daniel 11:1 that Gabriel was sent to support King Darius, so that God’s purposes for Israel would be accomplished, and he was having a major conflict because the evil Prince of Persia had other plans for the exiled Judah that would threaten the coming of Messiah.  Daniel’s persevering in prayer with fasting, I believe, was part of the mechanism that God used to influence Darius to choose God’s plan that would allow Israel to be reestablished back in Jerusalem in preparation for Christ’s first coming.  What does that say about our prayers in this the last days before Christ’s second coming?  We need to be people of prayer, and prayer with fasting.

So in our local church, Townsville WMC, we have set aside the first three weeks for prayer with fasting.  It could be a complete fast, drinking only water; it could be a juice fast, it could be a “Daniel” fast of vegies and water; it could be a fast from TV, social media, other time-consuming activities that allow you to spend some uninterrupted time in God’s presence.  We have invited people in our church to take the challenge.  15 have done so, with differing kinds of fasts, and we look forward to others joining us.  We will be praying for breakthrough in many areas of local church life, and also for the churches in our District.

You can listen to my message on our website: Titled, The Daniel Challenge, a 21 day season of prayer and fasting for breakthrough.  I am inviting you to join us.



Written by Stuart Hall

Married 1988 to Lyndell Ordained Sept 1992 Four Children: Emily, Joshua, Bryanna and Jonathan Pastored Gympie WMC 1992-2000 Pastored Townsville WMC 2001 - District Superintendent North Queensland Oct 2011